My name is Kenisha Brown. I’ve been a licensed Cosmetologist with over 12 years experience professionally. I graduated from G Skin Beauty Institute. I no longer offer beauty services, but enjoy sharing my experiences with others. I write reviews, enjoy makeup products, nail services and wigs. I use this blog to discuss beauty that can assist the next person, and to share what I enjoy.

In addition to beauty, I’m a gifted Holistic Teacher and published Author. I teach highly evolved of their true existence. We are all highly evolved and should follow our soul. We are here on Earth intentionally. I adore fashion that promotes skin. I’ve learned the importance of feeling comfortable in my own skin and wearing less, but being tasteful with my choices. It is a mindset we all should adapt ♥️

This beauty blog is for anyone who shares similar beauty interest. I love everything beauty from hair, skin and nails to fashion. Fashion to nature. I see beauty in everything. Oh, plus I’ll post about motherhood with a teen, a young adult and a toddler. I’m a mom of boys 💙

Contact me for collaborations, events, and bookings.

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