The Graduated Bob Cut! See Pics of My Client’s New Look

I love cutting and styling hair! I was born with this talent & have the gift to change lives. I transform my clients’ while spreading love, great vibes & positivity. My client came in for a shampoo & haircut. Her hair is thinning & is really oily. We agreed that a Graduated Bob Cut with long layers would be a great option for her.

Before The Cut

Every Stylist have their own technique that works best for them. Since I offer & exceed with cutting all hair textures, I cut the hair wet or dry based on our goals & my clients’ needs. I prefer to cut hair with keeping in mind versatility for lifestyle & how the client wears their hair. This is even if it’s in a ponytail while cleaning the house or attending a conference across the country. I believe every client’s individuality is unique & Stylist should educate themselves on what’s best for the client. Some only believe in cutting the hair dry. Others believe it should be wet. ALWAYS. I believe in simplicity & a precision cut that makes a statement. This can be achieved on wet or dry hair.

With this client, she has an extremely oily scalp and she washes her hair more than she should. Her hair is oily from using the wrong shampoos & conditioners. She used products high in oil and moisture. This caused her to have an excessive oily scalp. We discussed co-washing techniques and other ways to balance the moisture in her hair. At the back bar, I used Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three during her shampoo service. This is one of my favorite clarifying shampoos. You can read my post on types of shampoos here. I shampooed just once to get rid of the oil and to create a balanced shine throughout her hair. Following the shampoo, I used a small amount of Redken All Soft Conditioner which added softness to her hair.

This is her Graduated Bob Cut with a light blow dry & my large round brush.

She was in a rush & didn’t have time for the full blowout which would’ve really complimented this cut.

This Graduated Bob really compliments her hairstyle of choice while enhancing her features. As you can see in the before images, her hair looks thin and oily. The bob with layers compliments her with adding volume to her already gorgeous hair.

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