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Are You Investing In Your Beauty & Wellness Wisely?

We all have a list of priorities & what is secondary to us. When is the last time you took a really good look at your list? When it comes to beauty & even making healthy choices I’ve noticed many would spend more money on materialistic things & have a tight budget when it comes to well-needed investments such as quality food, quality beauty services, quality products & priceless experiences.

Like I’ve literally seen clients who would drive luxury cars, wear expensive diamonds, live in expensive homes. This same client would make poor choices when it came to what matters most. Eat poorly and have a tight budget when it comes to beauty service. Does this sound a bit backward to you? It’s backwards, because self care is the highest expense one can own in this lifetime. Keep reading as I discuss the importance of investing in good quality beauty + wellness services and products.

Premium beauty services & products will boost your quality of life. 

When working with licensed professionals in beauty environments, your investment is protected versus going to anyone to complete services on you. Beauty services are intimate and should only be performed by someone who has the knowledge & experience to offer services. A person’s beauty and health should never be compromised. Beauty services can be costly, but when you take into account the expense that comes with making sure everyone is protected and clients are both happy and satisfied, chop shops can’t provide a peace of mind in this category.

Health is wealth & being unhealthy comes at a bigger price.

In my opinion, I feel there’s nothing wrong eating your favorite unhealthy meal or snack occasionally. Everyone needs a cheat meal or day. This helps many not revert back to old lifestyle habits. However, making a habit of unhealthy meal indulgence is not a wise investment. A healthy body is the wisest investment you can make. Our body is the vehicle to function in this lifetime & should be treated as the temple it is at all times. Yes, we live in times where food just isn’t real anymore, but we have the choice to learn and live the best life we desire to promote longevity. Adding more fruits, vegetables, herbs, & proper supplements to our lifestyle is life-changing. A healthy meal should never be substituted with anti-life substances that is sold to us as “food.” We are electric beings who thrive from eating electric foods. Eating right & staying hydrated is one of the largest investments we  can make in this lifetime.

Value what you have instead of investing in what you don’t have.

It’s so important to work with what you have while fully accepting who you are with confidence. An example of this is not neglecting natural hair to invest in Wig Units. Don’t get me wrong. I love wigs! I’ve been creating, coloring and rocking Wigs for many years now. At the same time, I know what it’s like to become solely reliable on a Wig Unit to build outer beauty. When we focus so much on the outer beauty in the fastest way, it is easy to forget what is important & neglect the very nature of who we are. I’ve lost count with how many clients have admitted to replacing a Wig with beauty regimens that actually build longevity and confidence in the future. It’s okay to find the look you desire with Wigs. It’s another when the hair and scalp suffers due to lack of care. If you would like to enhance your beauty, enhance it.  Never forget or put your natural beauty on hold for any style. This is a part beauty health. Beauty has a very important health side as well. Remember, self care comes first. If you’re someone who wear Wig Units due to an underlying cause that’s health related this example doesn’t apply to you. Keep rockin’ your Unit, honey. 🙂


Beauty & wellness are top paying industries that should be used with caution & care. Everything that’s hot shouldn’t be tried especially if it’s not a need. Love yourself unconditionally & live the life you desire by making wise investments. Quality or quantity is the approach to beauty and wellness services/products. Until next time! 


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