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Will Hair Color Damage or Straighten My Curls?

This is a frequent question I receive from my clients. They will like to know if hair color will do any damage to their curls. I’ll give you the short answer in a moment, but I want to explain how curls can be altered first. Throughout this post and future post you read, when I speak of curly hair, I’m also referring to coils. I will separate the two when needed. 

Textured hair can only be altered by changing the actual bonds of the hair. These bonds can only be seen under a microscope. So only permanent chemicals can change the texture of the hair. One exception is using a highly excessive amount of heat over time without using the proper heat protectors.

Another way hair may have an illusion to have lost its texture is when over saturating the hair with certain products. For instance, when I try to wash n’ go my hair when I’m in a rush, I accidently use too much product on my hair. The result was the back had great curl definition while the front, where it is fine appeared to have straight pieces. To fix this problem is simply by using less product in areas where the hair is fine.

Now to answer this question. No hair colors and lighteners can not change your hair texture. On the other hand, if your hair is unhealthy and you’re bleaching and coloring your hair like crazy, yes your curls can be damaged just like any other hair texture would be damaged from processing the hair so many times. Remember to use protein treatments and deep conditioners to help prevent damage and build your hair up. Ask your Hair Stylist to add building bonds in your permanent hair color and lighteners before applying to your hair. 

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