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Product Review: Ancient Cosmetics

I decided to put this review together simply because I’m a happy customer! I found an all natural, vegan & healthy skin care company that does it right. If you find this review helpful and have been searching for all natural products that are baby safe you can click here to visit their site.

So, I must admit this. I despise the constant annoying ads all over social media. These ads have become so annoying that they interrupt the actual experience for me. Last week was the first time I was excited to see an ad. I can’t remember the exact product I saw, but knew it was possibly worth my while. I click the link to view the profile of this supposedly vegan skin care line. The name caught my attention and the vibrant colors of their products and posts. Seeing how these products were put together was pretty satisfying.

This wasn’t enough to convince me to place an order, yet. I headed over to Google search engine to learn more about the company and see reviews if any. Its a Black Owned family business. It was awesome to read their story and learn where they’ve come from & the success they have today. Regarding their reviews, customers were so pleased with their products. They spoke of the colors, smell & quality which is what sealed the deal for me.

I headed over to their site to purchase a bath bomb as customers reviews say there were close to the size of tennis balls. The bath bomb I purchased was blueberry & peppermint.

Blueberry & Peppermint Bath Bomb Image from

This product has been so amazing for me. Yes, its about the size of a tennis ball and isn’t light weight like most bath bombs I’ve used in the past. I could smell the blueberry and peppermint before, during and after my experience. My skin was so freaking moisturized and soft.

My time with bath bomb 💣 💙

Plus I’ve been looking for an all natural face exfoliate that was safe to use during pregnancy, didn’t have any harsh chemicals and was Vegan. This facial scrub is definitely one of a kind. First, it smells like lemon and reminds of lemon pie. The texture is so fine and it didn’t bruise my skin like many other facial exfoliants. It was the perfect texture and consistency throughout my entire experience while exfoliating.

Image from

The only downside I can say about this product was the scrub top cracking a bit on its way to me during shipment. If it was wrapped in bubble wrap it would have been perfect. However, the product itself is perfect. 💛

The top was cracked a little when I unboxed my purchase. This extreme cracking came from my son and I dropping it twice before I even used it!😱 This poor container was thrown around during shipment and my hardwood floors didn’t make it any better.

With my purchase I was surprised to receive a free item. It was this turmeric beauty bar that I fell in love with! When I saw this free item in my cart, I thought it was just a small sample. I was the full size beauty bar and I was stoked after using it!

Image from

My face & skin has been feeling its best with only using these products for a few days. My teenage use these products too and have instantly noticed a different in skin tone & the overall softness on their faces.

My morning routine with Even Skin Turmeric Beauty Bar
The actual bar is huge!

Would I purchase from Ancient Cosmeticz again?

Absolutely! They have several products I will order in addition to buying more bath bombs 💣♥️


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