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Are You Over Eyelash Extensions?

First, I love the look of completed makeup with eyelash extensions. I feel it enhances makeup and can make the eyes look amazing! I might fee this way, because I’m getting older… but I’m over eyelash extensions.

No, I didn’t have a bad experience. These days I’ve learned to live closer to my truth. So I’ll wear a wig (I’m growing my hair out) and some enhancements are cool. I’m not a fan of hair done, makeup done, lashes done, nails done & an expensive outfit. I feel its too much, overrated & does more harm to these women who feel all of these enhancement “complete” them. I enjoy a few & will rock the heck out of them! These days I enjoy wigs, fashion & makeup occasionally.

This is a look I completed last night with just eye brow pencil and mascara on my lashes. You can’t see my lashes as much in this image, but I wanted my pink cheeks to pop 😊

I used the Morphe Up Til’ Dawn Artistry Palette.

How do you feel about this my look in this pic? Yes, we know eyelashes would have completed my makeup in 2023. Do you see what I was going for with just mascara. Are you over lash extensions?


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